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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Coopers Celebration Ale (Australia)

Thomas Cooper's Selection Celebration Ale
Cooper Brewey
5.2% ABV

This beer has been designed and brewed to celebrate 150 years of brewing by the Coopers family run business in South Australia.

Taken from the Coopers Website: -

Coopers is now the largest Australian-owned brewery and this year marks a significant milestone in our history as we celebrate our 150th anniversary.
Coopers’ journey began on 13th May 1862, when founder Thomas Cooper produced his first beer.
Even then, Thomas Cooper’s sense of brewing excellence was evident through his use of only the best ingredients available and by the application of pride and passion to his craft. To this day the tradition continues, as Coopers sources the highest quality barley from South Australia and hops from interstate and overseas.
Our 150th anniversary milestone deserves to be acknowledged. What better way to mark the occasion than the release of a celebratory beer, aptly named ‘Celebration Ale’.
This ale is the culmination of careful planning and research by our Brewing team, resulting in a distinctive beer presented in kegs or eye catching 355ml bottles.
Celebration Ale is unique in that the water used in the brewing process comes from the brewery’s own deep aquifers, with the mineral composition modified specifically for ale brewing.
The barley is sourced from the maritime regions of South Australia. The pale malt from this barley is complemented by the use of crystal malt, giving the beer an appealing red hue and a nutty, slightly sweet aftertaste.
This 5.2% alcohol strength ale is both refreshing and moreish.
The aroma and flavour of Celebration Ale is further enhanced by the three varieties of hops used in different stages of the brewing process.
Firstly, the local bittering variety Pride of Ringwood hops, grown in the temperate climate of Myrrhee, Victoria, is added in the kettle.
Late hopping is achieved by blending Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand and Centennial hops from the USA.
The Nelson Sauvin imparts what is described as a “white wine fruitiness”, whereas the addition of Centennial results in a passionfruit, grassy and citrussy top note.
Coopers’ ale yeast characteristically produces its distinct tropical fruity esters, and all of these aromas and flavours combine together during a slow fermentation.
Some of the yeast remains in the final product for natural conditioning in the bottle, resulting in Coopers’ trademark sediment.
Join us in celebrating this special occasion by pouring Celebration Ale into your favourite beer glass; your eyes will be immediately drawn to the thick foam on top of a rich, ruby-red brew.The first mouthful will highlight the malt driven flavour, which is balanced by a refreshingly crisp bitterness, followed by fruity esters lingering in the aftertaste. Celebration Ale will match well with chicken, seafood, tangy cheeses, and fruit-based desserts.


A nice balance of malt richness and aromatic and floral characters are on the nose once the beer is poured.  A golden cloudy brown beer with a just off-white head is present in the glass.  The beer perhaps doesn't have as much flavour as I would have liked.  I was hoping for more depth.  The beer however does have perfect weight - not too heavy with a good amount of bitterness.  This is a great session beer, a brilliant palate, would have preferred a touch more hop characters in there for even more   qualities.

Scores: -

Aroma 6/10
Appearance 4/5
Taste 5.5/10
Palate 4.5/5
Overall 15.5/20

Total 71%

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